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Alberta, what a great place to live!

There have been a number of reports recently and one thing they all have in common is that they indicate that Alberta is outperforming the rest of the country and likely to continue to do so into next year.

We have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. Migration from other provinces, as well as immigration from other countries, is increasing and there has been talk of looming shortages of skilled workers again. Sound familiar? The energy sector remains strong with production forecast to increase. The interest in, and potential for, opening up new markets for our natural resources is expanding. As much as the province has tried to diversify and we would like to believe otherwise, the energy sector is still the key driver of our provincial economy and it appears to be in great shape.

We have the highest average earnings in the country. Auto sales, retails sales, restaurant and bar sales are all showing the highest year over year growth in the country.  The economy in Alberta appears to have recovered. No wonder consumer confidence has increased over last year. As I said,  “Alberta, what a great place to live! “

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